Meet photographer Michele Schwartz. 

After many years in South Florida, Michele listened to the quiet inner voice that led 
her to find a home, and her true heart, in Bat Cave, a little haven in the Blue Ridge Foothills 
of North Carolina. Rising before the sun and resting long after it sinks below the horizon, 
she continually refines her photographer's senses by immersing herself in nature's 
wonders and rhythms. From a tiny bead of dew on a delicate spring blossom 
to an expansive, breathtaking mountaintop vista, Michele captures images 
that not only embody her passion, but communicates it directly to her viewers.  
Her work reminds us all to seek color and beauty in the everyday; to be curious and joyful 
in the world; and to remember that every dark and shadowy path 
eventually leads us to the light.